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“Systems and Means of Informatics” scientific journal

The “Systems and Means of Informatics” journal is a scientific periodical of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and Institute of Informatics Problems, RAS (IPI RAN).
The Editor-in-Chief of the journal is Igor A. Sokolov, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of Informatics Problems. The journal is publishing since 1989.
The Journal invites authors to submit articles on problems and practical results of informatics real life implementation.
The main subject areas of scientific publications in the Journal are:
  • Information and communication systems and tools of their design;
  • Architecture and software of computational complexes and networks;
  • Methods and tools of information protection.

Audience is computer and information specialists, engineers, students and postgraduates

  • Academician of RAS I. A. Sokolov (Moscow, Russia)– Chair of Editorial Council
  • Academician of RAS G. I. Savin (Moscow, Russia)
  • Academician of RAS A. L.Sempkovsky (Moscow, Russia)
  • Corresponding Member of RAS Yu. B. Zubarev (Moscow, Russia)
  • Professor S. Dolev (Beer-Sheva, Israel)
  • Professor Y. Kabanov (Besancon, Franve)
  • Professor M. Nikulin (Bordeaux, France)
  • Professor V. Rotar (San-Diego, USA)
  • Professor I. Ushakov (San-Diego, USA)
  • Professor M. Finkelstein (Rostock, Germany)
  • Professor W. Hofkircner (Wien, Austria)
  • Academician of RAS I. Sokolov (Moscow, Russia) – Editor-in-Chief
  • Professor S. Ya. Shorgin (Moscow, Russia) – Deputy Editor-in-Chief
  • PhD S. A. Christochevsky (Moscow, Russia)
  • PhD A. V. Filin (Moscow, Russia)
  • Professor V. D.Ilyin (Moscow, Russia)
  • Professor L. A. Kalinichenko (Moscow, Russia)
  • Professor K. K. Kolin (Moscow, Russia)
  • Professor V. Yu. Korolev (Moscow, Russia)
  • DrSc V. A. Kozmidiadi (Moscow, Russia)
  • Professor A. V. Pechinkin (Moscow, Russia)
  • Professor R. B. Seiful-Mulukov (Moscow, Russia)
  • Professor I. N. Sinitsyn (Moscow, Russia)
  • DrSc V. N. Zakharov (Moscow, Russia)

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