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Fundamental and applied research and developments in the area of creation of integrated information-telecommunication networks and systems:
  • mathematical models of networks and systems;
  • methods of controlling networks and systems;
  • advanced telecommunication technologies, methods of creation of advanced hardware facilities;
  • technologies for search, processing, transmission, storage and protection of information in the networks;
  • Internet technologies.
Fundamental research and applied developments in the area of stochastic systems:
  • methods and algorithms for analysis and control in complex stochastic systems;
  • applied technologies for R&D and education.
Theoretical problems and applied technologies in the area of accumulation, processing and representation of information:
  • methods and software development for processing textual information;
  • technologies for analytical processing of information in real time mode;
  • methods and hardware development for image processing;
  • means for generation electronic images of documents.
Creation of information-computerised systems of new generations:
  • interoperable environments of information resources;
  • high efficiency systems with hybrid architecture;
  • emulation and functional testing of computer networks;
  • architectures of naturally-reliable computation patterns;
  • CAD tools.