Systems and Means of Informatics

2023, Volume 33, Issue 1, pp 59-67


  • A. A. Grusho
  • N. A. Grusho
  • M. I. Zabezhailo
  • A. A. Zatsarinny
  • E. E. Timonina
  • S. Ya. Shorgin


The paper considers the model for classifying an object stream for the presence or absence of a certain property A in each object O. It is assumed that there are M bijective transformations of objects coming for classification and in the stream, there are objects obtained from O according to one of these transformations. For each object O, it is known that it contains property A which causes the known objects B1, B2,... ,Bk to appear in information spaces I1,I2,..., Ik. This means that property A can only be detected by observing the consequences B1, B2,..., Bk. The problem is that for each object in the flow, it is necessary to determine the presence or absence of the converted reason A in it. The algorithms for checking such possibility are built in cases where there is a description of characteristics A and when such a description is absent.

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