Systems and Means of Informatics

2022, Volume 32, Issue 1, pp 149-159


  • V. V. Vakulenko
  • A. A. Durnovo
  • I. M. Zatsman


The paper presents an overview of tasks, functions, and main stages of export in supracorpora databases as well as in the phraseological dictionary database (PD DB) which contains dictionary articles of German idioms and their translation into Russian. Supracorpora database contains parallel texts of book originals and translations and, as a result of export, a user obtains a catalog of selected annotated translation equivalences of the studied language units in both the original and the translation(s). After export from the PD DB, the user obtains a set of dictionary articles selected according to the user's criteria. The goal of the paper is to describe the principles of export unification during the formation of dictionary article sets and the creation of catalogs of annotated translation equivalences.

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