Systems and Means of Informatics

2020, Volume 30, Issue 1, pp 160-170


  • I. M. Adamovich
  • O. I. Volkov


The article continues the series of works devoted to the technology of concrete historical research supporting. The technology is based on the principles of co-creation and crowdsourcing and is designed for a wide range of users which are not professional historians and biographers. The article is devoted to the further development of the technology by integrating the mechanism of automated assessment of the reliability of the processed information. The impossibility of using the existing approaches to this problem was substantiated by the specificity of concrete historical research and the processed information in its context which is presented in the form of historical-biographical fact. The classification of types of concrete historical information for which the parameter of reliability is reasonable was carried out. The detailed description of the mechanism was given; the procedures of automatic generation of information reliability assessments were defined. The methods of evaluating the effectiveness of the proposed mechanism are described. A quantitative indicator of efficiency is proposed. The applicability of computer modeling methods for its determination is substantiated.

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