Systems and Means of Informatics

2019, Volume 29, Issue 3, pp 127-138


  • S. K. Dulin
  • I. N. Rozenberg
  • V. I. Umanskiy


The paper analyzes the processes typical for the integration of information, knowledge of analysts, and their joint actions in the information environment. Here, the integration of knowledge refers to the procedure for the synthesis of existing knowledge in order to obtain the new one. Three stages of analytical activity were identified and considered as well as their features. It is proposed to integrate information resources based on dynamic restructuring of the knowledge base to maintain its structural consistency and to present it as a structured set of information resources in accordance with the requirements of interoperability. To solve such problems, the authors use a technique based on an inductive-combinatorial apparatus comparing the structures of the connections of an arbitrary set and one of the types of consistent sets. This technique was chosen by the authors as the theoretical basis for the implementation of the tasks under consideration.

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