Systems and Means of Informatics

2017, Volume 27, Issue 4, pp 177-186


  • G. Y. Ilushin
  • V. I. Limansky


The possibility of application of mobile telemedicine units (MTU) and services of personal telemedicine (PTM) for increase in availability and improvement of quality of the medical care provided to inhabitants of remote and difficult to access settlements of the Russian Federation is considered. The article describes the appointment and the main functions of the PTM service, the use of which allows organizing remote monitoring of health of patients and reducing the number of visits to doctors of a medical institution by patients in the course of outpatient treatment. The approaches to realization of the PTM service on the basis of services and applications of a patient's personal cabinet are defined.
A possible scheme of organization of the process of providing medical services to the population of remote and difficult to access settlements with the use of MTU and PTM services is suggested.

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