Systems and Means of Informatics

2017, Volume 27, Issue 3, pp 145-154


  • O. G. Kantor
  • S. I. Spivak
  • R. R. Talipova


The problem of parametric identification of the complex chemical reactions' kinetic equations with fractional delivery of substances is investigated.
Such equations are reduced to systems of autonomous differential equations with singular points. The constants of chemical reactions in the identifiable models are unknown. The description of the developed parametric identification method is given. It is based on the use of the maximum permissible estimates of model parameters. The idea of the uniform approximation of experimental data and the approach of L. V. Kantorovich to the identification of sets of location of the sought and observed quantities form the methodological basis of the parametric identification method. The presented mathematical and algorithmic support allows taking into account a priori information about the values of the sought parameters, the specificity of the investigated reactions, and the requirements for qualitative characteristics of the kinetic models. The results of approbation of the method are presented by an example of real experimental data.

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