Systems and Means of Informatics

2017, Volume 27, Issue 1, pp 167-177


  • V.D. Ilyin


The paper presents the point of view on the subject of informatics and its research areas, which are actual at the present stage (2017-2020). Informatics is considered as a science of extracting information from messages, creating information resources, programming machines behavior, and other activities associated with the construction and usage of human-machine environment for solving problems of modeling, design, interaction, learning, etc. Scientific products of informatics are considered as a methodological support of constructing a human-machine environment for solving problems in various areas. Definitions of key concepts of informatics are proposed (message, data, information, model of a concepts system, etc.). The research areas of current interest are determined: automated calculations; programming; human-machine environment for solving problems (s-environment); perception and representation of messages; interaction in s-environment; information resources and systems for solving problems in s-environment; information security and cryptography, etc.

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