Systems and Means of Informatics

2016, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp 148-161


  • I. M. Adamovich
  • O. I. Volkov


The article focuses on the further development of the technology of such part of biographic investigation automation as texts surfing which is searching useful information, the character of which cannot be foreseen and, therefore, the appropriate web search query cannot be formulated. The faults of such technology based on the T-parser automatic facts extraction system are described and analyzed. The ways of its elimination with the aid of researchers' joint work support tools are proposed. The possibility of using Semantic Web decisions for this purpose was analyzed. The domain knowledge representation form based on semantic network is suggested. The advantage of such form over the hierarchical ontology which is used in Semantic Web is demonstrated. The main terms and principles of the new distributed technology of texts surfing in the biographic investigation with the aid of T-parser using some Semantic Web ideas are described. The implementation of the technology is described. The ways of its development are planned.

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