Systems and Means of Informatics

2016, Volume 26, Issue 2, pp 108-122


  • I. M. Adamovich
  • O. I. Volkov


This article focuses on the facts in the specific historical studies. The specific duality of a biographical fact, which is evidenced in its connections with the real world and with the information space, is mentioned. The hierarchical format of a biographical fact, which is used in the "T-parser" system of automatic extraction of facts from texts in natural language, is described in detail. The accordance of this format with the formal properties of a biographical fact is proven. The logic of biographical facts operators for this format is explored and described. The relation of the hierarchical format of facts with the domain ontology and the prospects of its usage in automated systems of facts processing are also demonstrated. The possibility of partial formalization at the stage of fact extraction is analyzed. The technology of biographical data processing, which automates the fact extraction stage and the stage of facts comparison with the purpose of integration and conflict resolution, including full fact formalization on the basis of an ontology, is proposed and analyzed. The problems of this approach are described and the possible ways of their solution are proposed.

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