Systems and Means of Informatics

2016, Volume 26, Issue 1, pp 182-198


  • R. R. Rzayev
  • F. B. Agayev
  • A. I. Goyushov
  • Z. R. Jamalov


An approach to the formation of the system of procedural decisionmaking information support is suggested, which is based on the application of the fuzzy inference mechanism implemented within the neural network logical basis. Using this approach, the method allowing overcoming the semantic uncertainty in criterion concepts of a procedural law is proposed. As an example, the authors chose the Article "Violation of the author's or adjacent rights" of the Criminal Code of the Azerbaijan Republic, on the basis of which the formalism for the criterion concept "extensive damage" coupled with the applied sanction was suggested. For imposition of adequate to criterion concept sentence, the paper proposed the scale of possible sanctions obtained on the basis of the description of the correspondent legal norm in terms of fuzzy implicative rules.

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