Systems and Means of Informatics

2015, Volume 25, Issue 3, pp 126-149


  • I. └. Kirikov
  • └. V. Kolesnikov
  • S. V. Listopad
  • S. B. Rumovskaya


It is natural for a human being to use variety of opinions, complementarity and collaboration of knowledge for decision making in collective intelligence. Families, tribes, teams, companies, parties, armies, countries acting together demonstrate higher-quality intellectual behavior in complex situations insuperable for individuals. However, the skills of collective intelligence are ignored in the practice of intellectual decision support systems. The paper introduces a new approach to improvement of quality of supervision systems by means of a new class of decision support systems - virtual heterogeneous collectives - the combination of methods and technologies of distance expert interactions for collective decision support, from one side, and methods and technologies of hybrid intelligence systems for individual decision support at round desk in the conditions of information multiplicity, from the other side. The practice of development of the elements of the proposed approach demonstrates its potentiality.

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