Systems and Means of Informatics

2014, Volume 24, Issue 4, pp 157-167


  • V. V. Vikhrev
  • A. S. Christochevskaya
  • S. A. Christochevsky


The authors consider problems of using the information- communication technology in education (informatization of education). The results of three phases prognosticated in the first concepts of informatization of education are analyzed. It should be noted that there are no radical changes in the education system yet, though there is progress in informatization of the society as a whole. The authors consider four stages of informatization of education: computerization, multimediazation, internetization, and electronization. Taking into consideration a new form of state system in Russia, stabilization of economic and social processes, and adoption of a new education law, the authors base the necessity for developing and approving a new concept of informatization of education. According to this concept, it is necessary to analyze the results of fulfilling prior concepts (the latest one was presented in 1998), take into consideration peculiarities of the current electronic stage, when extensive factors are gradually substituted by intensive ones. Of course, the explosive character of "mobile Internet revolution" should be taken into account. This concept should also consider the role of informatization for people with special education needs. Criteria of usage of information and communications technologies in education should be developed as well. The paper provides wide discussion of the new concept.

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