Systems and Means of Informatics

2014, Volume 24, Issue 2, pp 166-177


  • A. P. Suchkov


The paper considers the issues of application of the multiagent approach for creation of integrated systems of situational management, taking into account their specific features: complexity of environment interaction, independence, autonomy, and decentralization. The paper studies organization of multiagent control systems and agent framework, implements a modified management cycle OODA (observation{orientation{decision{action) to create a system of distributed situational centers. The methods of data analysis used at all stages of themanagement cyclewere systematized.The structure of a collaborative environment for distributed control system was studied. The system exchanges not only event information, but also data analytics to support decision making while realizing the objectives of the control system. The ways of formalizing the analytical data were developed with regard to all components of the control area of the distributed control system, including targeted environment, controlled objects, controlled resources, and uncontrolled factors.

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