• Systems and Means of Informatics

    2014, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp 244-259


    • M. Yu. Zaikin
    • O. L. Obuhova
    • I. V. Soloviev


    The article gives an overview of bibliometric indicators that determine effectiveness of publication activity of researchers. The Bibliographic Information-Analytical System (BIAS) of IPI RAS performs the task of combining bibliographic information about publications of IPI RAS staff. The general sources for the BIAS database consist of the bibliographic Science Citation database Web of Science, Scopus, the Russian Science Citation Index, and authoritative themed online resources with open access. The BIAS software system calculates the bibliometric indicators based on a full bibliography of a scientist which includes not only journal publications, but also monographs, textbooks, and conference reports. Access to information is given by forming special queries by means of a user interface. Examples of comparison of the bibliometric indicators of IPI RAS BIAS and the Russian Science Citation Index are given.

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