• Systems and Means of Informatics

    2014, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp 46-60


    • A.K. Gorshenin
    • S. V. Zamkovets
    • V.N. Zakharov


    Microprocessor performance is largely determined by the degree of organization of parallel work of various units. Different ways of microprocessor parallelization are considered. For parallel processing of commands, the pipeline method is used; for parallel data processing, the SIMD (Single Instruction - Many Data) architecture is applied. The implemented method of thread-level parallelism was the basis for creation of multicore microprocessors. A multicore microprocessor is one of more powerful processors that are surrounded by a multitude of auxiliary engines, which are designed for more efficient processing of complex multimedia applications in the multithreaded mode. Architectures with support of chip-level multiprocessing represent the future of microprocessors, because such architecture can achieve huge productivity levels with more acceptable frequencies through parallel execution of many operations.

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