Systems and Means of Informatics

November 2013, Volume 23, Issue 2, pp 223-243


  • A. V. Kolesnikov
  • . . Merkulov


The description of the platform "Situational Centre VSM Cenose", aimed for configuring and operating a situational center in the organizational structures of various forms of ownership and activities. Main functions: display of internal and external environment due to specialized multi-dimensional and multi-factor graphical interface; display of forecasting information; combining different ways of description; presentation of information in accordance with the principles "from the general to the specific," "top-down"; invariance with the respect to changes in the way of accounting methods, forms of business organization due to complex organization based on the basis ideas of technetika and organizational cybernetics; expanding the functionality of the complex during the operation due to the migration process templates, both between levels of the organizational structure and the different systems due to meeting the principles of recursion, self-similarity and fractal; interchange of data with third-party program developers. Main feature is the technology "VSM Cenose", which makes situational center "VSM Cenose" a universal platform for replicability of situational centers

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