Systems and Means of Informatics

November 2013, Volume 23, Issue 2, pp 154-169


  • A. A. Zatsarinnyy
  • N. G. Buromienskii
  • A. I. Garanin


Are the basic concepts in relation to the object of research. It is shown that the formation of the system of technical support (STS) of information and telecommunication network (ITN) is an integrated system problem, acquiring preconceptual covering a very wide range of interrelated processes at all stages of the life cycle of ITN. Basic of them around in the same sequence in which they should be resolved in the course of creation of the STS. Consistently sets out the stages of carrying out of researches on creation of a STS, tasks and received results. Given the analytical model of the functioning of the STS and General scheme of the method of forming the STS. It is shown that the mathematical description of the processes of functioning of complex hierarchical systems, such as STS ITN of its extremely complex and serious problem. Its solution is offered in two stages: at the first stage of the description is given in the form of abstract mathematical formalization of the process of functioning with the use of set theory (relations on the set between sets and functional maps), and the second to separate the most important processes in the system, such as repair, maintenance, supply of new technical means (TM), SPTA and transition from intuitive concepts to detailed mathematical description of using analytical and probabilistic models. Suggested approximate structural scheme of the STS. Justified basic composition of the regulatory support of the STS of ITN

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