Systems and Means of Informatics

November 2013, Volume 23, Issue 2, pp 35-49


  • V. Yu. Gudkov


The paper describes new method of fingerprint image processing. The method is based on simultaneous tracking of ridges and valleys directions, instead of tracking ridges. In areas of good quality directions can be determined confidently both for ridges and valleys. But in areas of poor quality there is a problem with accurate measuring of ridge flow. Given a pixel on filtered fingerprint image, chains of pixels of minimal and maximal intensity are tracked. Based on the results of tracking, hypotheses on ridge flow direction for ridges and valleys are generated. Then the results are fused in order to obtain estimation of ridge flow direction and density. It allows significantly improving accuracy of ridge flow direction and density in the areas of poor quality. Finally it used to form the field of flows and its confidential (quality) matrix. More accurate measuring of ridge direction improves fingerprint recognition by more accurate feature extraction: ridge endings and bifurcations.

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