Informatics and Applications

2022, Volume 16, Issue 3, pp 97-102


  • A. A. Grusho
  • N. A. Grusho
  • E. E. Timonina


The paper is devoted to the study of information security problems of network-centric electronic document management systems in the distributed information system of the enterprise. Electronic document management is a secure distributed system of information technologies, each of which is generated by part of the organizational structure of the enterprise, i. e., there is a secure connection that provides the functionality of document management. To ensure information security, the concept of metadata defined earlier in the works of the authors was used. Unlike earlier works that used the concept of metadata, electronic document management uses many variants of information technologies determined by a subset of users participating in the work on the document and the structure of orders generated by the execution of documents. New in the work is the modular design of metadata which allows solving the problem of synthesis and management of a variety of emerging variants of information technologies of electronic document management and ensuring their information security

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