Informatics and Applications

2022, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp 68-72


  • Sh. B. Shihiev
  • F. Sh. Shihiev


The implementation of the natural language model as an information system needs certain information about how the language ability of a person functions in his/her physiology and in what sequence its two autonomous components should interact: grammar and semantics as software for the linguistic phenomenon in digital technology The study of this problem should begin with the implementation of the language of visual images since in this case, the monitor screen can be used as the "organ of the visual system" of a native speaker (computer) which allows parallel processing of the same graphic information in two forms: in the form of text (syntactic analysis) and in the form of image (semantic analysis). The depth of the thought process depends on the ability of the information system to transform information from one form (text) to another (graphic) and vice versa.

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