Informatics and Applications

2021, Volume 15, Issue 2, pp 89-95


  • A. A. Goncharov
  • I. M. Zatsman


Two tasks that arise when converting paper dictionaries into an electronic form are considered. In the first place, the authors suggest structuring inherited dictionary entries which provides the enrichment of the electronic dictionary's functionality, and in the second place, replacing the decorative design of the structural elements of dictionary entries with tagging that provide their addressing in databases. It is shown that the structure of dictionary entries used in traditional lexicography should be detailed. Simultaneously, it is necessary to categorize some of the structural elements to enrich the electronic dictionary's functionality. An approach to creating a classification system integrated into an electronic dictionary and classifying dictionary entries' structural items is described. The proposed solutions allow to significantly enrich the electronic dictionary's functionality compared to its paper version and overcome traditional lexicography limitations related to the paper form of dictionary representation.

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