Informatics and Applications

2018, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp 18-30


  • L. L. Vyshinsky
  • Yu. A. Flerov
  • N. I. Shirokov


The article is devoted to the problems of computer-aided weight design of aircraft. Weight and mass-inertial parameters are one of the basic values that affect the performance characteristics of aircraft. The informational basis of the system is the weight model of the aircraft. The paper describes the structure of the weight model and its individual components. The program implementation of the system, which is executed within the framework of the client-server architecture, is shown. The automated system of weight design is implemented using the software tool complex "Project Generator" (GP technology), which was developed at the Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The creation of information and computing systems within the framework of the GP technology is based on the so-called "project approach," when the formal description of the system automatically generates code for the client and server components of the system.

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