Informatics and Applications

2017, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp 113-122


  • E. V. Djukova
  • A. G. Nikiforov
  • P. A. Prokofyev


The main goal of the paper is to develop and implement an approach to building efficient parallel algorithms for intractable enumeration problems and to apply this approach to one of the central enumeration problems, i. e., dualization. Asymptotically optimal algorithms for dualization are considered to be the fastest among the known ones. They have a theoretical justification of the efficiency on average. The size of enumerated set in the dualization problem grows exponentially with the size of the input; thus, parallel computations are reasonable to be utilized. The authors introduce the static parallelizing scheme for asymptotically optimal algorithms of dualization and present the results of the testing. Statistical processing of the experimental results is conducted in order to determine the kind of distribution of the random variables, representing the size of the subtasks for parallel computation. The conditions, under which the schema demonstrates almost maximum speedup and quite uniform processors load, are discovered.

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