Informatics and Applications

2017, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 100-108


  • Anna A. Zaliznyak
  • I. M. Zatsman
  • O. Yu. Inkova


The article considers a supracorpora database (SCDB) - a new type of linguistic information resource.
The SCDB contains aligned parallel texts wherein source language sentences are aligned with target language sentences. One distinctive feature of the SCDB is that it supports annotating the examined linguistic items (in this case, connectives). Another important feature is that cross-linguistic annotating makes it possible to reveal a wide spectrum of new entities and concepts, both in informatics and linguistics. For description of these entities and concepts, a new multidisciplinary term system is proposed. On the one hand, the proposed terms are used by linguists for description of new basic knowledge generated as a result of contrastive analysis of Russian connectives.
On the other hand, the design of architecture and functional subsystems of the SCDB is based on these terms, and they are used for the development of respective information, linguistic and software tools. Finally, the term system is required for comparison of the presented outcomes of the project with similar results of other projects.

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