Informatics and Applications

2016, Volume 10, Issue 4, pp 68-71


  • A. A. Kudryavtsev
  • A. I. Titova


This paper is devoted to Bayesian queuing and reliability models. In the framework of the Bayesian approach, it is assumed that the key parameters of classical systems are random and only their a priori distributions are known. By randomizing system's parameters such as the input flow intensity and the service intensity, one may randomize system's characteristics, for example, system's loading factor. The Bayesian approach can be used in the case of studying large groups of systems and devices or one system with variable characteristics. The results for probability characteristics of the system's loading factor and the probability that the claim received by the system will not be lost in the case of the system of the M | M1110 type where one of the system's parameters has a degenerate distribution and the other has the Weibull distribution are presented.

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