Informatics and Applications

2015, Volume 9, Issue 4, pp 48-55


  • 0. G. Vikhrova
  • K. E. Samouylov
  • E. S. Sopin
  • S. Ya. Shorgin


Analytics predict that worldwide mobile traffic growth rate will exceed fixed traffic approximately three times from 2014 to 2019. Number of mobile users will increase up to 4.9 billions and mobile devices number will exceed 10 billions. The average mobile network connection speed (1.7 Mbps in 2014) will reach nearly 4.0 Mbps by 2019. Special attention should be paid to mobile video traffic that will reach three-fourths of the whole mobile traffic by 2019. These tendencies bring new challenges for mobile communication providers to increase efficiency and additivity of radio resource allocation. In this connection, the paper analyzes a simplified model that allows one to obtain analytical estimates of the blocking probability and the average value of occupied resources according to the resource allocation policy of the LTE-Advanced technology.

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