Informatics and Applications

2014, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp 77-88


  • S. V. Zykin


The technology of dynamic formation of data presentation is sugessted. This technology is the development of online analytical processing. Data source is a relational database with any scheme (not necessarily hierarchical). Target data presentation is a composite table which allows to present multivariate data on a plane. This table assumes separate formation of dimensions with the following juxtaposition of measures to dimensions in the table. The foundation of data presentation is a table of connected joins, which satisfies contextual and logic restrictions. The algorithms used to form such tables are suggested and their properties are investigated. Special attention is given to contexts which are used to form tables of connected joins. The algorithm of directed search for creation of contexts is proposed and comparative analysis of algorithms of contexts formation is performed on an example. The investigated properties of contexts and the offered algorithms are intended to automate user work to form new data presentations.

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