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IPIRAN's staff includes a great number of high level computers and communications experts and professionals.Group of skilful programmers with rich experience can accomplish software projects.
Possible forms of services and cooperation:

  • design and development of software products and systems due to specification;
  • portation of software into another platform;
  • localization of software products for Russian market and their promotion;
  • joint research and development projects.

A lot of IPIRAN specialists have long-term experience of working in projects performed on contract base with foreign companies. The form of such projects - outsourcing contract with IPIRAN or one of its affiliated companies on concrete project. Below are some examples of such projects, performed during last years.

Compaq Computer Corp. - Hewlett Packard (USA, Shrewsberry, MA). 2000-2004.
AlphaServer Platform Management Utility (AMU)
In accordance to multiyear software development agreement between Compaq - HP and AMSD the AlphaServer Platform Management Utility (AMU) had been designed and implemented.
The new HP AlphaServer ES47/ES80/GS1280 systems offer the highest levels of performance. AMU provides detailed displays of the hardware and the firmware configuration of a particular platform. It supplies web-based clients with operative information about statuses of platform components measures of vital characteristics. A graphical user interface allows convenient ways to control both physical components and logical structure of a platform. In particular it offers effective procedure to divide platform into partitions that could run different OS.
AlphaServer hardware/firmware represents a great range of scalability so AMU needs to deal with configurations from 2 to 64 processors and vast variety of configurations. Another challenge it must be true portable: it should run at least OpenVMS, Linux, TRU64-Unix, Windows-xxx, with Internet Explorer -xx, Netscape -xx, Mozilla-xx browsers. AMU needs to work with up to 100 platforms in parallel and provides access to them to large number of web user along with application clients. But the most difficult problem in the development of AMU was that it was accomplished in parallel with hardware/firmware progress. So it needs to as changeable as possible.
Listed demands had been realized due to application of advanced software technologies (included XML, Web-Services, Java…).
Compaq Computer Corp. (USA, Shrewsberry, MA; contact: Alex.Moshkevich@compaq.com). 2000.
Long-term agreement on collaboration and project devoted to creation of test systems for developed microprocessors.
Digital Equipment Corporation, Alpha Miigration Tools department (now Hewlett Packard), (USA, Marlboro, MA). 1993-1999.
A number of projects devoted to creation of directed tests for Alpha computers system software (partially for FX!32 binary translator) and also software tools for catching system statistics. Projects devoted to development of advanced C++ and FORTRAN compilers for Alpha-based systems (AMSD). Software emulation development for real technical facilities (AMSD).
Siemens (Germany, contact: Martin.Nett@mchp.siemens.de) . 1995-1998.
R&D projects devoted to compositional design of program systems. Methods and prototypes have been developed.
Electronic Tools Company (ETC) (USA, Sonoma, CA; contact: Steve Murphy, V.P. Technology, murf@e-tools.com). 1993-2000.
Collaboration in the area of creation of tools for different CAD systems interaction. Creation of Standard XML and EDIF Translators found on most leading EDA platforms.
Discus Data Solution (USA, New York, NY; contact: Roman Prilytsky, V.P. Technology, rprilutsky@discusdata.com). 2000.
Projects devoted to development of applications expanding possibilities of standard system software of Microsoft Exchange Server/Active Directory - development of Active DL (Automated Distribution List management) product.
Motorola, Inc., Semiconductor Products Sector (USA, Tempe, AZ). 1994-1997.
A number of projects devoted to application of new developed microprocessors in different application areas, partially in CDMA technology ("Fixed Wireless Terminal"). Within CDMA project a special-purpose C model of the CDMA baseband channel with some RF components included was created as so as special software for evaluation of baseband filer parameters. Some refinements of IS-95-A standard have been proposed and presented to CDMA committee. The works on EVRC vocoder resulted in full C model of an EVRC vocoder compatible with IS-127 standard. "Fast algorithm of a fixed codebook optimal search" was presented for international patent application and passed all necessary steps. (NatComp).
Microchip (USA, Chandler, AZ; contact: Steven.Marsh@microchip.com). 1999-2000.
A number of projects directed on algorithms development and programming for application systems based on Microchip's microprocessors, also investigations of bottlenecks and development of proposals on architectural enhancements. Among application areas - voice processing (compression, recognition, echo-cancellation, synthesis, etc), different types of modem, fingerprint-based systems. (NatComp).
Elonex (USA). 1993-1995.
Development of PC drivers for a number of new peripheral devices.
TCI (Tele Consult International) within agreement with SRA (USA). 1994-1995.
Participation in development of corporative information system based on e-mail X.400 for Incombank (in Russia).
SOTAS company (USA). 1993-1996.
The project on development of modeling and design tool for Frame Relay network which was elaborated for MCI (USA).The main goal of the project was the creating a computer tool allowing to obtain users characteristics of Frame relay network: delay time between pairs of end-points of backbone network and for sub-networks which are serving the specified group of users.
INFORMIX company (CA, USA; contact: Colum Twomey, columt@informix.com). 1993-1994.
Localization of Informix Data Base products for Russian market.
Market Metrics (Lancaster, PA, USA, contact: Chip Paschke, 71571.1727@compuserve.com). 1993-1994.
Portation of a very big system for market investigations (developed earlier) to a modern hardware/software platform. (AMSD).
Simog (France). 1991-1992.
Portation of corporate software on another platform.