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The initiator of foundation of the IPI RAN and its first director (1984 - 1988) was an outstanding Soviet scientist in the area of computer engineering, the Member of the Academy of Sciences Boris Nikolaevich NAUMOV.
In the period 1989 - 1999 the Institute was headed by the Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Igor Alexandrovich MIZIN, one of the leading Russian experts in the area of information - telecommunication systems.
Igor Anatolyevich SOKOLOV, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has been occupying the position of the Director of the Institute since May, 1999.
The Institute was granted the licenses for implementation of the following activities:
  • development, installation, customization and adjustment of computerized information, control, telecommunication and automation systems and complexes including the protected ones;
  • education and training;
  • publishing.
IPI RAN’s staff:
total number of employees: 450 , including:
Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences - 1, DrSc - 20, PhD’s - 60
Attached to the Institute there are post-graduate course and a council for defending theses for the degree of PhD in the areas of software engineering, computer systems, complexes and networks engineering, and the theory of informatics.
The Chairman of the council - I.A.SOKOLOV, RAS CM;
Scientific Secretary - S.N.GRINCHENKO, DrSc.
In cooperation with the Nauka Publishers,the Institute regularly issues a series of collected works The Systems and Means of Informatics.

Fundamental and applied research and developments in the area of creation of integrated information-telecommunication networks and systems.

There was developed a complex of mathematical models and software programmes for analysis and evaluation of characteristics of modern telecommunication systems .
There were developed principles of formation and development of the Integral state automated information controlling system for prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and also of the Integral state automated system for efficient and flexible control in emergency situations.
A System for information support of decision-making process by the Administration while governing the country (including emergency situations) is being currently developed.
There were developed and studied technologies of search, processing, transmission, storage and protection of information in open information networks
There were developed hardware and software facilities for formation of data transmission networks based on Х.25/Frame Relay technologies. There were created packets switches and packet data adaptors.
There was developed software for providing e-mail services based on X.400 standard.
There were developed such mechanisms for enhancement and development of Internet technologies as: means of integration for joining e-mail systems together; a set of facilities for Internet navigation characterised by flexible computer operation, etc.